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Why choose to visit us at Graham T. Egger, DDS?

Our Vision Statement
We are a legacy dental practice built on relationships.
Dr Egger and all the members of our dental office sitting in a forest smiling

Our passion is providing exceptional comprehensive dentistry in a gentle manner and comfortable environment.

As a team, we are committed to knowing our patients as individuals, earning their trust through our high standard of integrity, and delivering the best oral health care possible.

Our patients value our services and our time. They will partner with us to achieve optimum oral health because they recognize the benefit to their overall health.

We serve real people with real lives, by creating authentically beautiful smiles that inspire confidence.

Dr Egger and all the members of our dental office sitting in a forest smiling

The Value of a Fee-For-Service, Privately Owned, Sole Practitioner Dental Practice

That's a lot of words - what does it mean?

In short… We Care! We care a LOT about our patients! We are PASSIONATE about what we do!

Graham Egger's team in a meeting

We want the services we provide to be the best you can get – clinically excellent, exceedingly comfortable, and the best quality and experience you can find.

While the term “fee for service” is confusing to a lot of patients, it simply means that while we accept insurance benefits of all kinds, we are not contracted with big insurance companies. The downside to prospective patients is that you do not see us listed as “in-network”, and therefore you think you can’t use your insurance benefits at our office, or if you do, you will pay a lot more money out-of-pocket. The truth is, there really is not that much difference in cost. Just ask one of our front office team members to calculate what the difference would mean to you – we’d be happy to assist!

By staying “fee for service,” “out of network,” and “privately owned,”- the benefit is that we have more freedom to use our business dollars to retain the most experienced, highly educated team members, compensating them appropriately for their skill level! We can also use the best materials and the best labs. Let’s face it – nobody truly wants a discount when it comes to your health or the care you receive, especially when you are in pain, or really need sound advice and/or treatment. And everyone LOVES getting the type of customer service from a small business where reputation matters and customer service is still important! This is the space where health care works best!

Sole Practitioner Practice

Why does that matter?

The main point – you see the SAME dentist every time! In big corporations, you are never guaranteed to see the same dentist every visit. And while it may seem more convenient to get in for after-work or weekend hours (which bigger corporations can provide extended hours)… You do have to calculate that there is a cost to seeing a different provider, that may have a different opinion and different sequence to treatment which can leave you feeling a little confused and frustrated.

Many of us have seen this play out first-hand while working in corporate dentistry, and all of us have heard from patients about disgruntled experiences in this setting. It’s what knits us together in a common goal of fighting for this traditional model that we know works in everyone – the practice, the practitioner, and especially THE PATIENT.

Dr. Egger our Colleyville TX dentist sitting in his office talking to a patient

Treating People Not Just Smiles

Reach your dental health goals with Graham T. Egger, DDS.

You can expect a smooth process at Graham T. Egger, DDS, as we create a game plan for your best oral health:

  • We are committed to helping you smile with our high-quality dentistry in a comfortable office.
  • You can expect a relationship-focused process as we create an individualized plan for your best oral health.
  • Each team member has extensive dental experience in their respective roles, helping you to feel confident in the care and recommendations you are receiving.
  • From our daily morning huddles to a focus on continuing education, we are always looking for ways to improve patient care.
Our treatment coordinator working with a patient

Where Patient Relationships Are the Priority...

And quality dentistry is the norm.

Graham Egger DDS dental office waiting room
Living Room Setting
Feel right at home in our relaxing comfortable environment and our office comforts to ease your mind.
One of our dental assistants taking a photo of the smile of a young woman who is lying in the dentist's chair
Advanced Technology
Our state-of-the-art dental technology enables faster, more comfortable, and more accurate treatment planning.

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